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Ben Henretig’s Video Tips & Tricks

Class Notes: Video Production with Ben Henretig

Ben Henretig is a co-founder of Micro-Documentaries LLC, a team of filmmakers that shoot 1-minute, actionable documentaries for mission driven orgs and businesses to help them build support for their work. In 2008, Ben worked with behavioralist, BJ Fogg, to develop and execute a highly effective video campaign for The Stanford Fund that increased donor participation 23%.  Ben continues research with Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab focusing on Persuasive Video, and has spoken to diverse audiences on topics ranging from best practices for video production to emerging trends in web video.


Notes from Ben Henretig’s talk in class on Feb 16, 2012 :

Tips & Tricks for Online Video

Plan ahead
Serendipity is part of filmmaking, but going in with a pre-thought and at least a rough plan is critical, it will help you make the most of the moment. 

Short & Sweet: 2 min or less
2 minutes is a long time online. 

Clean, clear audio
Clear audio not only helps a viewer connect, but it gives you credibility. It separates amateur video from professional. 

Have a specific and confident call to action
Know why you are making the video. Ask for what you need. 

Test it with friends & strangers
They will see things you don’t.

Shoot at different scales (wide shots, details, reflections, etc)
Get lots of variation so you can play with it during the editing process. Variation will give you tools to play with pacing and tone later. 

Use a tripod.
It will help you consider your framing and create legible footage. 

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