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Computer & Hand-drawn Graphics

The principles behind rapid visualization are not as transitory as the tools for implementation: computer-aided graphics packages and 3-dimensional modeling programs are quite seasonal. They are wonderful tools and demand practice—as much as hand-sketching and illustration require practice.

Compiled here are resources to help you practice the IMPLEMENTATION of rapid visualization. This list will change as rendering capabilities improve, brands merge, and modeling becomes easier. Specifically identified because of ubiquity in industry are Adobe Creative Suite tutorials.

Computer-generated Graphics

Step-by-step tutorials for creating various types of graphics (buttons, logos, icons, etc.) using Adobe Illustrator

The panda bear graphic for this section was created using this tutorial:


Step-by-step tutorials for creating various types of illustrations using Adobe Photoshop:

Here is a curated list of 50 tutorials covering a wealth of techniques in Adobe Photoshop:

Hand-drawn Graphics:

This is an excellent primer with instruction for how and why to draw things by hand:
Rapid Viz, Third Edition
A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas
Kurt Hanks & Larry Belliston

The book is available free as a .pdf as well as for a low cost in print.


The Klutz series of products & toys features several excellent products that include simple, step-by-step methods for practicing hand-drawn illustrations—here is one example featuring Star Wars characters:

Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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