Discover content & activities to learn about, teach, and create compelling stories & visual communication.


What is StoryViz?

StoryViz a movement about creating authentic and compelling communication.

It also is a 10 week class at the Stanford featuring workshops and guest panels that illuminate the connections between design, storytelling, & visual communication. StoryViz is as much an opportunity to explore those elements that make stories great, as it is a chance to riff on an emergent trend: stories being as powerful as the products they describe.


What is this website for?

The StoryViz website is a prototype to experiment with ways of sharing content and activities from the StoryViz course with a wider audience.

Here you’ll find content from the class (like activities materials & guest talks) and material curated from elsewhere.

We would love to hear your feedback! Email us at


What content will be covered?

We’ve sorted the content into five topics.

Storytelling :  A distilled look at how to put storytelling into action in your own voice. 
Visual Communication : Basic practices of  visual design & creating an identity. 
Video : A shortcut to filmschool. 
Performance : Ways to connect with an audience.  
Rapid Visualization : Super-quick sketching activities design to express thoughts visually. 

There are several different types of content.

Activities : 30-60 min exercises that we use in class. Teachers in particular might find these useful. 
Decks & Talks : Guest lectures and online video talks that dig into foundations of all these topics. 
Handouts : Printable handouts to use in class or share in the physical world. 

The Fundamentals:

If you are looking for core content and activities to incorporate into your own curriculum. Look for banner images with an “F” flag in the upper left corner. Click here to view The Fundamentals on one page.


And, who are you guys?

Teaching team and content development: Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft

Content curation: Natalie Glatzel