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Rights-free Media Sources

Numerous sites exist that allow full or partial use of audio & visual material. The usage rights vary widely. Creative Commons ( is an organization that has codified the release of rights to varying degrees in publicly available media. Many private services have adopted these standards and use them within their services.

Be sure to check the specific use cases you intend with any sourced media—above all pay particular regard to referencing the original work as requested: it is simply the best behavior.


Music & Audio:


Free Services

SoundCloud Creative Commons:


Free Music Archive:



8tracks Creative Commons

Vimeo Music Store:

Open Music Archive

Public Domain 4u



Sound Click (you have to select from the pull down menu to get creative commons)

MobyGratis (songs from Moby––not for profit: not sure where kickstarter falls––spirit, not letter)


Paid services

Friendly Music

You Licence


APM Music

Audio Socket

Pump Audio



The Noun Project
Icons for everything. Note all require attribution.


Video & Still Images:

Video and still images:

flickr allows users to search for rights-free video and images in the advanced search settings by selecting “Creative Commons images only”.

Wikimedia Commons

vimeo allows those who upload videos to designate them with Creative Commons licenses. It is not possible (yet) to search the site for designated videos only.

With each of the services, be sure to double check that the released rights match with your intent for use.

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