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Shooting Mandate


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Start Here.* If you only do five things when shooting video, make it these:

1. Frame tight
Show us what you are trying to say. Wrap the frame around your subject. 

2. Mic within 2 feet
This is all important. Good sound = credible video. By the way, 2 feet is a maximum. Closer is even better.

3. Use the rule of thirds
Frame your subject off center, in-line with one of the thirds of the frame. 

4. Use indirect, natural light
That is, use sunlight (it’s plentiful & free), but get in a shady area to soften shadows and even it out. If there is a spot where the sin is reflecting off the side of building into a shady area, even better, your subject will get a nice “pop”. 

5. Make the subject stand out against the background
Notice the lighting on and visual interest of your subject & the background. Backgrounds should be interesting, but not disctracting, lit, but n0t brighter than the subject. 



* There are no hard and fast rules that fit every situation, but if you’re not familiar with shooting video, this is a great place to start. 

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