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Storyboard Activity

Storyboarding is a technique you can use to help you visualize how you want to communicate your message, whether that’s through the medium of video, graphics, or even text. In this activity you will create a storyboard to express an idea and share it with a partner for feedback.

Time: 30 minutes

Tools + Materials:


1.  On a Post-it write down a verb, a subject, and an object. Try to think of things that are just a little unusual (ex: spark, Aunt Milly, leg warmers). Swap with your partner.

2.  Take 10 minutes to draw a storyboard using the prompt your partner created. Develop your own plot and details to flesh out the story. Draw 5 frames depicting your prompt on Post-its or index cards. Jot down a few notes or words of dialogue for each frame.

3.  Taking 5 minutes each, share your story and storyboard with your partner. Use the second sheet of the worksheet to take notes and give feedback on your partner’s story.

Feedback / Critique Questions:
Action: Was the motivation of the characters clear? What are they after?
Conflict: Was there a driving question; conflict; drama? Did they show compelling cause and effect in their anecdote?
Transformation: How did they show transformation of the main character?

4.  Spend another 10 minutes revising your storyboard based on your partner’s feedback. Where can you tighten your story? Where can you use more detail?

5. We would love to see your storyboards! Upload an image to the Storyviz Group on Flickr. If you want to create a short video using your storyboard, you can upload it to the StoryViz Group on Vimeo.


Storyboards can be a wonderful tool for all sorts of projects. Next time you’re working on ways to express an idea, think about using one of the tactics below to push your creativity to the next level:

1.  Impose constraints: Try to storyboard your pitch featuring a main character. Then try telling your story without having any people at all.


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