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Storyseed Activity

Crafting a story often starts with just one small story element: a seed. From there, elements such as character, setting, and conflict can develop until you have a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. Here is an activity that involves using a storyseed to create a storyboard and shoot a short film.

Time: 90 min

Tools + Materials:

  • A handful of 3×5 index cards or Post-its
  • Storyseed Activity Worksheet
  • Pen or a pencil
  • iPhone or other handheld video camera
  • Your imagination (and maybe a friend or two)


1.  Choose a storyseed from the worksheet (download above). Take a few minutes to think about the characters you’ve just been introduced to and how they might react to the emotional moment they have been placed in.

2.  In 30 minutes create a storyboard using your seed and developing your own details and transformation. Draw out 5 frames enacting the emotional moment described. You can use Post-its, 3×5 index cards, or draw directly on the template provided. Jot down a few notes or words of dialogue for each frame.

3.  Using your storyboard, a handheld video camera, and maybe a friend or two, create a short film (no more than three minutes).  Take only 60 minutes to shoot your film. No post production editing is necessary.

4.  Share your video with the StoryViz Group on Vimeo to get feedback from others.


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