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Technical equipment sourcing & setup

Equipment Sourcing:

Excellent techniques can contribute to excellent product regardless of the equipment quality.  That said, specialized audio & video equipment can complement your work, often amplifying it to new levels of quality.  Plus, it is flat-out fun to play with cool gear.  The following is a fairly comprehensive sourcing for cameras, lighting, and audio:

Abel Cine  877 880-4267

Adolf Gasser Photography  415 495-4365

B&H Photo & Video 800 606-6969

JCX Expendables  415 824-4110

Sammy’s Camera  310 450-4365

Talamas Broadcast Equipment 617 928-0788

When investigating new equipment be sure to take into account accessories that can either make your existing equipment work better or new stuff you’ll need to accompany new equipment:

Batteries / auxiliary power
Microphone stands / windblocks



As you build up your inventory of tools, consider a mindful studio setup.  Depending on what and how you shoot—people, products, action, stills, interviews—you’ll need to tweak your setup.

Here are instructions for creating small photo studio for product photography—includes suggestions for lighting and backdrops.  (From luthier Frank Ford, Palo Alto, CA)  This is a solid platform for experimentation!

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